Welcome to CONTAG Management Consulting

Building bridges in the Swiss institutional market,
strategically and conceptually,
with knowledge transfer from practice for practice.

Independent consulting

CONTAG supports providers – mainly from the specialized financial sector – and their target clientele on a mandate basis as an independent consultant, professionally competent and transparent, while maintaining responsible discretion towards the market.

Efficient solutions

CONTAG knows the needs of the market through many years of practice, for customer benefit on both the supply and demand side. CONTAG enables tailor-made efficient solutions with measurable goals.

Many years of experience

CONTAG – Consultant Therese A. Gerber – an independent company founded in 2002, based on many years of personal experience in building, expanding and realigning organizations in the Swiss institutional market.

Benefits through CONTAG

CONTAG supports providers – mainly of specialized financial services – in an advisory capacity in building their customized bridge to the institutional sales market in Switzerland. CONTAG works in D/E/F.


CONTAG develops the sales strategy as well as the sales concept: tailor-made sales solutions, when entering the Swiss market for the first time, or when expanding or reorganizing the established client base.


CONTAG accompanies the providers and their target customers on a mandate basis as an independent consultant, competent and transparent, responsible and discreet towards the market.


CONTAG provides market research in the institutional sector as well as coaching/training on sales issues/market presence in workshops for teams and at management level.

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    CONTAG supports the manager selection process – exclusively at the explicit request of the institutional client – by providing directional information from a «helicopter view». The decision remains exclusively with the investor.


    CONTAG does not offer any Finma-approved distribution services of its own, but supports the persons entrusted with distribution as an independent advisor.


CONTAG Management Consulting – Mandates

CONTAG works as a specialized consultant in sales issues concerning the institutional market in Switzerland on a mandate basis and under agreement of a mutual Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA).

Therese A. Gerber-Fürst is available to her clients in various functions:

  • Advisor in the establishment, expansion, realignment of companies/business lines with offerings and focus on the Swiss institutional market.
  • Member of investment committees/foundation boards of pension funds
  • Advisory board of financial service providers, risk or real estate managers, philanthropic organizations
  • Board of directors with focus on market development/client care
  • Board/member of purpose-driven associations/organizations as well as philanthropic organizations
  • Assignment as moderator, speaker or discussion leader
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    Clients are professional providers of products/services for the Swiss institutional market, represented by management, sales or department management from different industries, but predominantly from the financial sector such as asset managers of different styles and focus, e.g. alternative investments, commodities, as well as risk and real estate portfolio managers, foundations, fund management companies, banks and insurance companies, associations, organizations.


    CONTAG does not offer own, Finma-approved distribution services, but supports as an independent consultant the persons in charge of distribution of regulated companies.



CONTAG is independent and supports clients in building their bridge to the institutional sales market in the whole of Switzerland, in French-speaking Switzerland, in German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino, as well as to interest associations, media, event and PR organizations and other individually important network, business partners and multipliers.

CONTAG supports providers – mainly of specialized financial services – in an advisory capacity in building their customized bridge to the institutional sales market in Switzerland. CONTAG works in D/E/F.

Consulting in workshops, permanently or selectively as required on the basis of a mandate contract including a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA).

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    • Development of the strategic positioning and the appropriate sales concept based on the SWOT-IST analysis.
    • Definition of the target market: customer segmentation and Client Relationship Management (CRM) concept.
    • Acquisition: contact building and relationship management taking into account the local culture and individual needs of the target customer.
    • Accompanying the sales process or the persons in charge of sales
    • Coaching/training in sales issues/market presence in workshops or for individual sales managers at management level as well as for team members.
    • Analysis of market appearance for presentations, events, PR, press relations, appearance in social media.
    • Consulting and editing of documentations/speech texts/media appearance, technically, linguistically, according to cultural aspects. Translations, if necessary, with the involvement of specialists.
    • Public relations in printed and social media, e.g. columns, blogs, also texts for sales promotion in documentations/emails.
    • Analysis/consultation of offer and market development in the field of philanthropy or other purposeful organizations for fundraising, sponsoring.
    • Mentoring for job seekers in the financial field.


CONTAG develops the strategy and the sales concept together with the providers: tailor-made efficient sales solutions with measurable goals, for new entry into the Swiss institutional market, for the expansion or restructuring of the established as well as the new customer area.

This includes transparent analyses of sales activities based on clear metrics, as well as market and competitor developments, for concrete and rapid adaptation to changes as needed.

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    • Elaboration and anlayse of the SWOTs – and the (target) clientele (IST analysis).
    • Determination of the strategic objective based on the results of the analyses, the available budget, the experience of the human resources and the time frame.
    • Formulation of realistic, measurable stage goals and realizable measures, milestones and deadlines for monitoring and controlling a goal-oriented sales process.
    • Tailor-made customer segmentation, systematic adjustment as required.
    • Exploration of cross-selling opportunities
    • Sales concept with decisions in market building of multipliers, contacts to specialized consultants, PR/events and/or memberships in interest associations, as well as market presence.
    • Client relationship management system (CRM)/reporting and other suitable supporting files for systematic recording of target achievement/activities in customer contact.
    • Analysis of results to elicit adaptation and/or training needs.


CONTAG accompanies the providers and their target clients on a mandate basis as an independent partner in distribution personally, professionally competent and transparent, while at the same time maintaining responsible discretion towards the market.

CONTAG conceptually connects Swiss and international providers of products and services – mainly from the financial sector – with institutional investors such as pension funds, banks, insurance companies, asset managers, family offices.

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    • Targeted market research by CONTAG to support the development of sales strategy/concept when entering the Swiss institutional market, expanding or reorienting, defining clear measurable objectives and making well-founded decisions even when adjustments are needed.
    • Acquisition of updated know-how by maintaining contacts to local multipliers, professional and interest associations, specialized consultants and experts, event managers and media representatives.
    • Maintaining the network to product and service providers for the Swiss institutional market, to be aware of competitive offers, innovations, changes.
    • Maintaining contacts on the demand side in the institutional market, for adjustments of the offer to the demand of existing and new target customers as well as cross-selling opportunities.
    • Participation in professional events concerning new regulations, trends and practice in the 1st/2nd/3rd pillar area in Switzerland.
    • Membership in professional and technical organizations such as ASIP-Swiss Pension Fund Association, Swiss Finance Institute of the University of Zurich, CFA Associate Member etc.
    • Support for presentation techniques and telemarketing.

    CONTAG does not offer its own Finma-approved distribution services, but supports as an independent consultant the persons in charge of distribution of regulated companies.


CONTAG is familiar with the range of service providers for institutional investors in Switzerland and abroad.

CONTAG works with pension fund consultants, interest associations and professional organizations, with various media and event providers in the institutional market in French and German speaking Switzerland. CONTAG works in D/E/F.

CONTAG provides targeted impulses for relationship building/management, as well as networking, cross-selling and in the design of market presence.

  • Additional information

    • Customer segmentation and definition of the sales concept.
    • Market presence in line with requirements
    • Advice on association work, appearance at events/trade fairs as speaker/participant, positioning of the offer
    • Optimization of the acquisition and sales process
    • Security regarding choice of location, personnel decisions, choice of external partners such as legal representatives, media partners, event managers, fund service providers
    • Resource and budget planning

CONTAG Management Consulting​

Close to the market, independent, solution- and goal-oriented, personal, full of ideas.​


Therese Gerber

2002 New foundation of CONTAG Unternehmensberatung in Zug. After many years of working in the financial sector, she was responsible for the development and expansion of the institutional business in Switzerland and German-speaking Europe for various clients.


For further experience/education of the founder Therese A. Gerber see LinkedIn.

Information on activities/mandates on request.